Ramadan Mubarak

أسأل الله لكم فى شهر رمضان
حسنات تتكاثر وذنوب تتناثر
وهموم تتطاير
وأن يجعل بسمتكم سعادة
وصمتكم عبادة وخاتمتكم شهادة
ورزقكم فى زيادة
وبكل زخة مطر
وبعدد من حج واعتمر
أدعو الله أن يتقبل صالح العمل

شهر يرتفع فيه الدرجات
شهر عظيم .. شهر جميل
شهر يشعر المسلم بالفرحه
شهر رمضان الكريم

Video: Dynamic Blooms

Dynamic Blooms is a short fashion film represents Nick Night's photography for anOther Magazine
Nick Night is one of the most influential photographers of modern age photography
And certainly he is an icon
Enjoy watching the film

Nick Night Official WebSite

Iphonography : Istanbul Panorama

No Doubt that that Iphone's camera is a significant one!
With every software update there's more options to go artistic with,
Take the Panorama Feature for example, it's the simplest technique! with the most creative & artistic results.
Am Sharing with you now few Panorama Photos taken at Istanbul - October 2012

 Top Kapi Sarai

Hagia Aya Sofia

Hagia Aya Sofia

She Bop A Lula exhibition

She Bop A Lula is an Exhibition show casing 70 photographs of significant & powerful female signers
It will include Candid, Behind the scenes & Styled Portraits
The exhibition is held at the Dimbola Lodge - UK - 7th June 2013

Christina Aguilera by Amelia Troubridge

Billie Holiday by Beryl Bryden

This Event is a MUST! if you're in UK Don't miss it ;)

Girl power with She Bop A Lula exhibition

Edge Of Arabia

Edge Of Arabia is an amazing art project by 23 Saudi artists whom there work blew my mind away!
i stumbled upon there art work in Doha, April 2012 during my visit to attend art and photography exhibitions, Katara Exhibited the work of 4 artist from EOA in building 19, the following is few pictures i took with my mobile of the art pieces that were shown...

they continue to exhibit there work through out the year, not only in the region! But Globally!
now that's a project to keep an eye on...
Edge Of Arabia

Wataniya's GiveKuwait Expo

It sure was one of the best & biggest Expos in K-town
It took a place KIF (Kuwait international fair ground), Hall 4B from the 12th - 16th of April 2012

And i took a little cute corner booth no. 107! Where i displayed my fashion photography collection

Also! Check me out on those videos ;)

Can't Thank Wataniyah Telecome enough for there hard work putting up such neat expo!
an experience for sure am going to repeat!

Stuff people say to photographers!

i saw this video few days ago on Silber studios blog & thought it was hilarious!
so i shared it with my fellow photographers on Twitter & the replies i received were crazy!
we do suffer through presenting our art, dealing with different types of people, and doing our extreme best to come with creative results...but guess what? it 1000% worth's it.


Smart & Simple App that all iphone users are familiar with, it allows you to share photos & provides several filters for editing.
Perfect for business owners, to share there work & interact with the massive number of users that exceeded 6 million user!

Socializing, or PRing is a major factor to succeed in business, the trick is to be smart about it
Always use creative, productive & positive images to share

Do take a little time & instagram few magnificent ideas.

Faith @ TES annual Winter Wonderland Bazaar

Seizing the Holiday Season to launch my Studio Photography that'll take place @ the TES annual Winter Wonderland Bazaar this Friday!

it's a 1 day event
Don't miss it & be the 1st to book a session!

آعاده الله عليكم بكل خير

Faith's TV appearance : مقابله هي و اخواتها

About 2 weeks ago i appeared on KTV1 to talk about Designing and Commercial photography,
it was a fun experience, i hope you enjoy it.

Seminar: Branding Strategies

Alraya Group are organizing a one of a kind Branding Strategies seminar By AL & Laura Ries

Hurry & Grab your seat!

UPDATE: such an insightful seminar! One of the best i've ever been too.